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Boras Week 2 Q&A

Had a fun time answering classic "Tell me about my roster" and "Who the hell should I start this week" questions on Reddit.  It's always helpful to seek a second opinion, especially with the frustrating, inconsistent nature of fantasy football.  While I don't get paid for my thoughts and advice, my views carry as much weight as any fantasy football expert out there; and that weight is a big ol' 0 pounds 0 ounces.  When you know the cast of characters, it all comes down to dumb luck.  The eye test is the best measurement.  Fortunately for you, I see a lot.

Here are a few excerpts from last night's Q&A (Full link below):
[btw - Im_MrBucket = Boras]

[–]ObeyYourPath   ago
Who do I start at WR: Pick 2, PPR Dez Bryant vs Seahawks Antonio Brown vs Jets, Revis is not playing Reggie Wayne vs Vikings

[–]Im_MrBucket[S]   ago
Wowwwww that's a tough one. Before last week I would've said Bryant and Brown, no doubt. It's hard for me to ignore Reggie's huge week. Keep in mind also that Donald Brown had 0 receptions, Collie is still concussed, and Garcon is Gar-GONE! Wayne is a fantastic receiver, and has some obvious chemistry with Luck.
That said, I like Dez getting more Red Zone targets than Antonio, so I think you're rolling out Bryant and Wayne.
It's a shame to leave a talent like Brown on the bench. But Revis or no, I see Miller and Wallace snaking more TD passes from Brown than Witten/Austin/Ogletree from Dez. It's a comfort thing.

[–]sirnack   ago
Thanks for doing this man. I've got Harvin @Ind, Wayne vs. Min, and Austin @Sea. I need to start two.
[–]Im_MrBucket[S]   ago
Take Harvin and Wayne.
Austin's a very solid receiver. Three reasons I bench him:
  • Of Indy, Minn, and Sea, the Hawks have the most formidable secondary. It's also one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.
  • Dez and Ogletree can easily blow up as much as Austin. I foresee a lot of 4 catches for 50 yard games this season for Miles.
  • Harvin and Wayne are the focal points of their respective teams. On top of this (and this is fantasy irrelevant), you're gonna enjoy the hell out of what could be a complete stinker of a game!

    [–]kkataro   ago
    Choose 1 please: Steve Smith, Brandon Lloyd, Jeremy Maclin, or Mike Wallace?
    EDIT: Standard scoring
    [–]Im_MrBucket[S]   ago
    Welker's lack of touches was "part of the game plan." Lloyd led the Pats in targets. This could easily switch this week. It's too uncertain.
    Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown face a physical Jets D, though Revis is out. I think Wallace will have the bigger game of the two, though I'm not expecting huge numbers.
    Maclin is questionable. I'm sure he could play, but why would they rush him out against one of the nastiest defenses in the league?
    You've got to start Steve Smith. RG3 picked the Saints apart, and now it's Cam's turn. And you'd better believe he's determined to bounce back from last week. Smith is the obvious beneficiary.
    More good news:
    You have an incredibly deep pool of receivers to choose from. You may find it frustrating week to week to decide who will have the best game, but overall they are going to finish with similar point totals this season. Good problem to have. Even better if you flip one or two for a positional upgrade.

    [–]alexanderfsu   ago
    I have Malcom Floyd, Nate Washington and DeSean Jackson. Choose 1 for WR2.
    For my Flex I have 2 of the 3 receivers up there, Jonathan Dwyer and Rashard Mendenhall.
    I'm leaning towards Dwyer for my Flex instead of Washington or Jackson. Jackson has an injury. Washington is struggly with one too and Jack Locker is out. Dwyer looked solid.
    [–]Im_MrBucket[S]   ago
    Fortunately, DeSean plays the early game, so you'll be able to make your decisions before the games get started Sunday. If Desean is playing, it likely means Maclin isn't. You've gotta start him, even against a tough defense like Baltimore.
    If you're determined to start Malcom Floyd (who I'd take over Nate), Dwyer isn't a terrible flex play.
    In a PPR league, I'd go with Floyd and DeSean (if healthy). Standard league it's closer. I'd still give the edge to that receiver combo. If DeSean is out, Dwyer and Floyd's the smart move.
Click through the full discussion (use Find) for thoughts on your own players.  If it ain't there, hit me up on Twitter or in the comments.

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