Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Distracted

Ok, I told a bit of a Boras Tale.  Wanted to analyze the few remaining trouble positions, but found myself a little preoccupied.  In any case, sit Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson temporarily if you have a relatively decent alternative.  For instance, I'd play Ben Tate over either.  Even at 10-15 carries a game, he can provide you with some better production.

QB, there aren't too many worries.  Cam will put it all together down the stretch.  Even playing poorly, he's generally a solid bet for 200 passing, 50 rushing, and 1-2 TDs.  Garbage time is his best friend.

Stafford, also, has had a rough start.  He's in a pass-first offense, and has some elite weapons.  He'll easily surpass 30 touchdowns, making him a must-start in any leagues (except those weird 6 team leagues).

Tight End, I'd be most concerned with Finley and Gates.  Finley will find plenty of opportunities in the Green Bay offense.  Cedric had a nice game, but he's not going to steal too many touches from the Packers' receivers.

Gates is a worry, as always.  Any "Questionable" status with him should be an automatic "Doubtful" in your mind.  If someone loves him in your league, trade him now.  His value will only decrease as the Chargers' run game comes to life.

Enjoy your weekend, and good luck!

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