Friday, December 10, 2010

So you made the Playoffs...

Think you're pretty smart, huh?  
Well guess what. You're in the top 50% of your league, and that's still an

Your job isn't over yet, Champ.  This first round isn't going to be a cakewalk.  It's going to be the exact opposite.  It's going to be a...shrimpcocktailrun?  
Whatever it is, it's going to require a lot of thought.  A lot of patience.  A lot of will power.

How have you played all year?  What got you into this position?  
Did you play the same basic starting lineup all year, or did you switch it up based on the matchup or projections?  
It's do or die now, so should you stick to your guns or mix it up a bit?
I know you're asking these questions to yourself, and I know you want the answers from me.
Well, I'm not a guru.

But I am a GENIUS.
And the genius in me says stick to your guns.  The playoffs truly started 3-4 weeks ago.  As the race for the playoffs began every game became a must win.  And whatever strategy propelled you to this level is the one which will take you to the championship match.  
If you've played the same lineup all year, keep it up.  There's no reason to bench your stars now.  Here's a personal example.
Boras has to decide between Andre Johnson and Wes Welker.  Welker has been hotter than a Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis lesbian scene, but Andre is a perennial fantasy titan.  Assuming both players are healthy and ready to go, who should I start?  Well, aside from making a trade every other week, I've gone with my big time players all year.  Welker's been riding my bench, and that's where he's going to stay.

What if Welker blows up for the 5th straight week and Andre drops another 3-bomb?  
Yeah, what if?  That's fantasy football.  There's a reason I put Andre on my team, and it's because he can put up 30.  Welker may outscore Johnson, but he isn't the kind of monster that got me to this place. 
Dre Stays.
That's called sticking to your guns.  I may well use one of those guns to shoot myself in the face, but I won't sit there and doubt myself.  
And don't worry.  All of my guns are Nerf.

Don't have doubts, fellow playoffers.  Don't switch up your strategy now.  If you're a matchup guy, keep studying.  If you're a player guy, keep believing.  

Here's Boras' Top 10 QBs/WRs/RBs for the weekend (excluding any Colts or Titans)

    1.   Michael Vick
       2.   Aaron Rodgers
 3.   Tom Brady
    4.   Phillip Rivers
   5.   Drew Brees
  6.   Joe Flacco
  7.   Matt Ryan
              8.   Ben Roethlisberger
9.   Jon Kitna
 10. Kyle Orton

        1.  Adrian Peterson
                2.  Maurice Jones-Drew
       3.  Michael Turner
   4.  Peyton Hillis
    5.  Arian Foster
                6.  Knowshon Moreno
7.  Ray Rice
          8.  Steven Jackson
         9.  Jamaal Charles
                10.  Rashard Mendenhall


     1.  Roddy White
        2.  Brandon Lloyd
       3.  Greg Jennings
           4.  DeSean Jackson
         5.  Calvin Johnson
         6.  Anquan Boldin
             7.  Marques Colston
          8.  Andre Johnson
         9.  Terrell Owens
     10.  Wes Welker


  1. Hightower or Stewart this weekend?

  2. definitely a tough one. probably boils down to which team will have a better passing attack. i say go with hightower. carolina is slightly worse against the run, and i think the cards will get into the redzone more often