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Counting down the days...

Welcome back!
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So, after a little bit of doubt...

Fantasy Football has Returned!

So many exciting things have happened since the lockout ended.
Big trades have occurred.
An exodus of free agent signings is wrapping up.
Tiki Barber is still as jobless as Shaun Alexander.

Let's analyze some of these pre-season dealings.

New QB in Town

1.  Donovan McNabb to the Vikings
This was supposed to happen two years ago.  Back then it might have been an exciting move.  McNabb to Harvin and Rice with AP towing the line had great potential.  In 2011, this was the most unexciting move of the offseason.  Minnesota's recent parade of once-great QBs has me wondering if this franchise isn't going the way of the 1990's Lions: Lots of Barry Sanders, and no wins. It's no wonder Sidney Rice bailed.  Expect no more than Top 15 numbers from McNabb with a high likelihood of injury or benching.
Verdict:  Who gives a shit?

2.  Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals
He's got a ton of potential, or so we've been told.  He had two great performances when he had his chance to shine in 2009.  After those, he expected to follow in the footsteps of Matt Cassel and become a franchise quarterback.  Unfortunately for him, the United States offers second chances and Michael Vick has risen like Jesus or Andrew Dice Clay on this season of Entourage.  But now Kolb has his wish and he is the unquestioned starter for the Cardinals.  He must be stoked.  Zona's lack of a running game means plenty of chances for Kolb to showcase his abilities, and he'll have one of the best receivers in Fitzgerald.  Don't expect a ton, but there's no denying he could crack the Top 10.

Verdict: Fitzgerald makes Kolb look like Kurt Warner.
Is that trophy wearing a blanket, or a cape, or what?

3.  Matt Hasselbeck to the Titans
Out with the Young, in with the Old.  I should write the headlines for ESPN.  In a switch of polar opposites, Tennessee has released Vince Young and signed 35 year old Matt Hasselbeck.  Matt's been known to throw for 3000+ yards, but he'll have to do it this year without Randy Moss and with a drugged out Kenny Britt.  With Chris Johnson around, Matt won't have to do much, but I still think there's a 75% chance Jake Locker takes over.
Verdict:  Like you'd ever consider drafting him anyway.

The Cock Blocks

1.  McGahee and McClain Fly the Coop
Ray Rice fans and fantasy owners had the same thought throughout 2010: "When will McGahee turn an ankle so Ray can finally become MJD 2.0?"  The Ravens have answered their prayers.  Not only are Willis and Le'Ron Le Gone, but Derrick Mason and Heap have also waved Bye Bye to B-Town.  Most projections indicate a 400+ touches season for Rice, and there's seemingly no one in line to hawk his touchdowns.  Barring an injury or a lover's quarrel with Joe "Ok, I panic a bit, but they still call me 'Cool'" Flacco, Ray Rice will be in the race for top scoring back in 2011.

Ray Rice fans' greatest fear:  Ray Lewis murders him.

2.  The Boys Buck Barber
Several years ago Marion Barber was simply fantastic.  Announcers boasted that he was guaranteed positive yardage every run.  They appeared to be right.  He amassed 24 touchdowns from 2006 to 2007 and was helping Dallas to put the name Smith behind them and look to the future.  Then, in 2008, Barber was losing ground, both figuratively and literally.  His yards per carry dropped over a yard from the seasons before, and Felix Jones was catching the eyes of whoever the hell ran the Cowboys.  Fantasy owners rightly gave up on him in 2010, and now Dallas has followed suit.  Barber has taken his cock-blocking skills to Matt Forte owners, and Felix Jones is the Big Dick in Big D.  He's got great receiving skills and he can run.  He's a guilt free choice for your #2 and has breakout potential.

3.  Bush and Sproles keep their Roles (with different teams)
I don't think any fantasy owners have ever proudly started Darren Sproles or Reggie Bush, though they've had their flashes of greatness.  Or at least goodness.  And now they'll have their chance to shine inconsistently with another team.  Sproles will have trouble finding touches behind Pierre and Ingram.  Reggie may split carries with Daniel Thomas, but Miami's offense doesn't inspire much confidence. However, it's hard to forget what Reggie Bush did on the college football field.  In 2011, all of the extra-curricular distractions are done and gone, he's in a new city, and who knows what he'll show us without all of the weight on his shoulders:

The Eagles didn't get Everyone this Offseason

David Akers has joined the San Francisco 49ers.  Adjust your draft rankings as needed.


More to come as we advance through the preseason.

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