Saturday, August 27, 2011

And We're Off...

Vegas: Done. 
 Draft: Finished.
Liver: Hurting

Why did I leave here for a Hurricane?

As always, I feel pretty neutral about my draft.  Lord knows I'll end up trading most of them anyway.
In a Two Keeper League I retained Michael Vick and Ray Rice.  A powerful duo, sure, but there's a lot of risk.  Vick is likely to break something, and Rice is 4 foot 7.

I needed to get some solid trading assets with my next 5 picks.  Let's see how the 5th pick in the draft worked out for me in my newly converted PPR League:

Not all picks are in the correct slot due to trades.

The San Jose Steroidorizers got some decent value, which we can see based on:
ADP (Average Draft Position) vs BDP (Boras' Draft Position)

Frank Gore - ADP: 16.7   BDP:  21
Reggie Wayne - ADP:  31.8  BDP:  28

Mike Wallace - ADP:  27.2   BDP:  37
Jason Witten -  ADP:  52.3   BDP:  44
Dez Bryant - ADP:  38.2   BDP:  53

Reggie Wayne's ADP is no doubt skewed by Peyton Manning's health issues.  However, no matter the QB, Batman is a ball magnet.
Jason Witten was forced upon me early because of the PPR change in my league.  Obviously I'm hoping for 100 receptions, which I don't expect from Jermichael Finley.

I was surprised Frank Gore fell to me, but not shocked.  The shocks were Mike Wallace and Dez Bryant.  They done fell far. 
While Mike Wallace may not reach 80 receptions, he's a big time touchdown threat.  Dez Bryant has 100 catch ability, and he's a terror in the open field.

I could easily roll this lineup out for the rest of the season.  But...
I expect the trade values on these players to skyrocket after 1-2 healthy weeks.  Gore fell because of the injury risk, but when healthy he's as good as any fantasy back.  Wayne will be a top 15 without Peyton, and a top 10 with him.

My Draft Grade:

Would've been higher if I'd traded up for a 3rd Top 10 pick.  But it's still a pass.

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  1. I'm excited to have The Great White Hope on my team. His PPR value for a HB is what sold me. But i'm going to be super sad watching Vincent Jackson catch hella balls and scoring tons of TD's this year knowing I could have drafted him.

  2. you're way better off with captain america than jackson. there are a lot more good wrs than rbs. brady + hillis = white power