Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Trouble With Twins...

Ahh, Michelle(s)...
You got it, Dude!

I heard one of the Olsen twins was used for non-speaking scenes, and one was used for most of the line deliveries.  So in other words, one looks good, but the other is actually functional.
Now neither looks good, and they do a lot of cocaine and stripping.

Football is the same.  We've got a few twins in this league, and no, I'm not talking about Ronde and Tiki:

I'm talking about twins in name only: Mike Williams North and South, and Steve Smith North and South

All four of these receivers are hyped, but one is worth the start while the other just ain't gonna cut it.
So which Michelle should you keep?

Mike Williams of Seattle Vs. Mike Williams of Tampa Bay

Mike Williams of Seattle was hyped like crazy this season, but Hassleback has been a Whack Hassle and Seattle's offense offers no upside.  

The Winner:
Mike Williams of Tampa Bay

Is he really a rookie?  He's scored near double digits in all but two weeks, and he's on pace for double digit touchdowns.  On top of that he's the number one targeted receiver on his team, and Josh Freeman is getting more confident each week.  Freeman to Williams has all the makings of Ryan to Roddy.  It's time to start Mikey with confidence.

Steve Smith of Carolina Vs. Steve Smith of New York

Panther Stefan used to be a must-start.  For such a short guy he had top 5 skills and was virtually unstoppable.  The last few years he's been Mr. Glass, and you just can't count on him week to week.  He's got good flex appeal when he's in, but the horrible QB situation in Carolina makes him our loser.

The Winner:
Steve Smith of New York

That's right, Steve.  Celebrate.
You might be concerned about Steve given the emergence of Hakeem Nicks as the greatest red zone receiver in history.  Don't be.  Steve Smith is (I know I say it a lot) the 2007-2008 Wes Welker of the Giants.  He's going to average around 6 catches a game for the rest of his life, and he isn't a stranger to the endzone.  He isn't a #1, but he's definitely not a #2.  He's like... a 1.7

So remember, folks, one twin is always evil, retarded, untalented, or short

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