Thursday, November 4, 2010

NFL and Prop 19

California voted and they said NO to weed.
Does this mean you should go ahead and pass on the Blount?
LaGarrette Blount
I had to resist using my archived The Punch picture.
Aw fuck it. Here ya go:

Do you really want to trust a Buc running back?
Well...hang on a second.
Let's take a look at the remainder of his schedule:


Softer than you'll get after looking at this picture of former SNL member Rachel Dratch

Yeah...that soft.  Man...she's ugly.  Debbie Downer had its moments though.

Anyway, if Blount can manage 20+ carries each game, he might just be the best waiver pick we've seen since Brandon Lloyd.

Prop 19 may have said NO, but Boras says YES!! 

Finally, it's deja vu all over again.
Randy Moss is on a new team.  Does Vince Young and an injured Kenny Britt = Fantasy Success for Moss?
With two teams and two of the best QB's in NFL history, Moss has averaged about 3 catches and around 40-50 yards per game.  He's got the 5 touchdowns, but so do a number of other receivers. I'd definitely hesitate to start him until we see a connection with Vince.
If they click, here's what you have to look forward to:


Sexy.  Very sexy.  So hang on to Mr. Moss.  As always, the potential for something big is there.
In the mean time, tune in to Titans post-game shows to catch Randy interviewing Randy.  It's gonna be fun.

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  1. Is Tim Boras the new beat writer for the Brea Bitch Mags? Thank you for updating me on my team's upside for the rest of the season. Randy Bomb Lloyd Bomb and Blount Clocking some dude in the jaw!! Thuggish Ruggish.

    Bmonet (2-6) and making a charge!!!