Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Backup Plan

Yes, I'm talking backups.  But I'm not talking about this movie:

Does Jennifer Lopez really still make movies?  I thought she got replaced in Hollywood by Eva Mendez. And with a name like The Backup Plan, how are we not supposed to think about J-Lo's infamous ass-et?

C'mon...that thing can't be real.  It looks like she's halfway through a Professor Klump transformation from the Nutty Professor:

We're still in the middle of some crucial bye weeks in fantasy football, and there are also a few serious injuries which may be putting some of you in a bind.  Let's start with QB:
Brett Favre - He may play, but he's not playing well.  Moss hasn't changed things in Minnesota as much as I thought.  Despite 4 turnovers he posted a nice game against the Jets, but since then has put up two horrible games.  With a damaged ankle you can expect low numbers to continue.
Tony Romo - His collarbone will keep him out at least until the playoffs, which he won't make.

Your best waiver options:
Ryan Fitzpatrick or Jon Kitna
Tim recommends:
Though Fitzpatrick has been putting up great numbers recently, I don't expect this trend to continue.  Lee Evans is just not a reliable number one receiver.
Still, the other Fitzy dropped a 30+ point game on BALTIMORE!  How can I resist?
Well, Kitna looked pretty good against the Giants after getting warmed up.  He's got several 4000+ yard seasons in his past, and he has the most talented wide receiver collection he's ever had in Dallas.
I know I preach to live in the now, but I've seen Fitzpatrick come in and play well for a few weeks several times in his career, only to collapse into a fit of turnovers.

When in doubt, go with the guy who looks most like a Nazi:  KITNAAAAAA!

At RB, if you followed my advice and picked up Mike Hart, it may finally pay off.  It's looking more and more like both Addai and Donald Brown will sit out another week, paving the way for Hart to receive the majority of the carries for a full game.  Against a weak Houston defense you shouldn't be surprised if Hart gets his 2nd TD of the year.

And if you also followed my advice and picked up Nate Washington...I'm sorry.
I should have looked at more pictures of him...
Chuck Liddell haircut?  Garbage.


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