Friday, October 8, 2010

Your Top 5 Running Backs

1.  Ryan make it toRain

Just kidding.  This guy is good but if you think he's the savior of your team you're suffering from BJD - Brandon Jackson Disease.
We all know by now that the best waiver wire running backs are white.

Look at him...he's so upstanding.  I bet he went to a private school.

Anyway, that's enough racism for today.  Let's take a look at our current Top 5 scoring backs and give them the TAR treatment.

1:  Arian Foster            TAR: 4-6
Arian came out of nowhere, and I'll be honest, I didn't buy into it.  He had two great games at the end of last year, but that wasn't enough to warrant any excitement.  Steve Slaton excelled in the Houston running game because he was a great pass-catching back.  I figured Arian Foster would be as good as Ahman Green as an up-the-gut power back.  Boy was I wrong.  I recently sat down for an interview with Foster.

Tim Boras:  Hey, Arian!  Really nice to meet you.  Thanks for sitting down with me today.
Arian Foster:  Yeah, yeah.  No problem.  Let's make it quick, I have practice in an hour and I have to make sure I'm late.
TB:  I noticed that.  You're bailing on practices and showing up late already!  You must really be buying into your own hype.
AF:  I drafted myself in all 6 of my leagues.  Man, they benched me for a half and I still had a huge game.
TB:  It's true.  You did have a huge game.  And you have an awesome name.
AF:  Thanks, son.
TB:  Were you born in a Nazi Ice Cream shop or something?
AF: Fuck off.

That interview went well.  Better than anything Rachel Nichols has done.  Ever hear of braces, girl?

Back to Foster.  He won't stay the #1 back all year, but he'll certainly stay around Top 10 status.  If you're an owner you can probably trade him for a decent running back and a top 10 QB or top 15 WR.  He's great bait to fill some needs.  But if you really want to ride him out, keep doing voodoo on Andre Johnson.

2:  Adrian Peterson           TAR: Number ONE, SON
Not much to say here.  AP is as good as always, and with Moss coming back home to Minnesota like an Atmosphere song you can expect an increase in his numbers.  More gaps to hit on the run, and more dump off receptions.  One of the only guys in fantasy you should absolutely not trade unless you're offered 2 or more top players.

3:  Rashard Mendenhall            TAR:  6-8
Starting with Rashard, the 3-5 ranked backs are a shocker.  Rashard has had a nice start to his year, but his biggest asset has been the lack of a consistent passing game, and the lack of any RB competition.  Rashard has gotten all of the goal line looks.  With Big Ben returning Hines Ward and Mike Wallace will get a boost in targets, and Rashard might lose some 1 yard touchdown runs to the Big Ben sneak attack.  Even so, Rashard isn't a bad choice as your feature back.
But as always, if you know someone in your league is high on him, a middle tier running back like Ronnie Brown or Jamal Charles isn't a terrible replacement if you can also get a top 15 WR.

4: Jahvid Best              TAR:  12-15
Jahvid Bust had one huge game.  OH SHIT, did I just say Bust?  Yes, I did.  Will Best have another game like week 2?  I really doubt it.  He'll fall back in the scoring rankings substantially over the next few weeks, and not just because he's hurting.  Best is small and quick, but he's unlikely to have a 100 yard rushing game this year.  I'd be surprised if he cracked 80.  Kevin Smith will eventually step in and take away some carries, leaving Best as a Reggie Bush style flex option.
The positive on Best is his pass catching ability.  He runs down field like a wide receiver once a drive, and that supplements his poor rushing attack nicely.
In the end, identify the sucker in your league who thinks Best is the next Barry Sanders and make your pitch.  You've probably missed the window on his peak trade value, but it's never too late to get something for a guy you'll want to avoid starting the rest of the season.

5:  Darren McFadden          TAR: 12-15
Can I just copy and paste everything I said about Jahvid Best?  Darren had an amazing start to 2010.  Look at his scoring and you'll think you're looking at Chris Johnson's player card.  Unfortunately, the dream is dead.   His recent hamstring issues are going to drop him out of Top Dog status in Oakland.  It was Michael Bush's job, and it will be his job again.  The worst thing that could've happened to Run DMC owners last week was a Bush touchdown - it happened.  DMC has decent flex appeal as he's a decent pass catcher, but once again, it is time to find the sucker and make a trade.  You might be able to get an overachieving/underachieving wide receiver, like Hakeem Nicks or Steve Smith from the Giants, or even as high as Brandon Marshall if you can talk enough shit on him.


Tim's Top 5 Backs:
1.  Adrian Peterson
2.  Frank Gore
3.  Chris Johnson
4.  Arian Foster
5.  Steven Jackson

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