Friday, October 15, 2010

The Wire - Week 6

I can hear you fiending for them.
You've got the unscratchable itch.
Your palms are sweaty, your mouth is dry, you've got the shakes.
I know what you need...

Wait, this isn't that The Wire.
I've got your fix.
Here are two players at each of the main positions who are probably available.

QUARTERBACKS:  Former and Forty Niner
1.  Shaun Hill 
Shaun Hill, a former Niner, is quietly having himself a solid fantasy year.  Let's pretend week 1 never happened.  He's averaged over 20 points the last four weeks, and had his first turnover-free game last week against the Rams.  The Lions don't have a good goal line back, and Jahvid Best frequently abandons the backfield to run short routes.  Hill isn't a terrible play for you, and he might remain a fixture in the top 10.
2.  Alex Smith
Did you just read that right?  Wasn't the entire crowd in his own stadium booing him off the field last week?  You can't prove that.
So how did Alex respond?  He threw two touchdowns and nearly won the game for the Niners.  Boras has his doubts, but Boras also believes Smith will cut down on the turnovers and find Crabtree and Vernon Davis more consistently.

Runningbacks:  Be Earnest, and Show some Hart
1.  Mike Hart
Yeah, Addai looks like he's going to play.  Donald Brown doesn't, though, and that makes Hart the backup.  I expect the Colts to crush Washington, and that means a lot of second half rushes for the Colts.  If there is any kind of a lead, look for Addai to play mostly 1st downs, leaving plenty of opportunities for Hart to bust loose.
2.  Earnest Graham
He's cemented himself as the TD vulture of the Bucs.  Though Josh Freeman is playing well, the team is hesitant to let him throw in short yardage situations.  Once upon a time Graham was a sexy waiver wire pickup, and I'm willing to believe he's got 10 point ability in him again.  We all know Cadillac's knee is going to fall off at some point this season, leaving only LeGarrette Blount to steal some carries.  Fortunately for you, he sucks.
But don't tell him I said that.

Wide Receivers: Clayton's Replaycement and Nate the Grate 
1.  Danny Amendola
By now you've heard that Amendola had an awesome 19 targets last week against Detroit.  With Mark Clayton out for the year, and Sam Bradford desperately looking for someone besides SJax to rely on, you can continue to expect Danny to rack up the receptions.  He may attract more safety coverage, but Sam's found his new main man, and you can count on Amendola to answer your prayers.
2.  Nate Washington
He has three touchdowns on the year, and one of them came on his only catch of the game last week against the Cowboys.  It was a lob into double coverage and Nate came down with it in style.  Kenny Britt looks like the more consistent wideout for the Titans, but when it comes to the redzone, Washington is Vince Young's first look.  Give it a shot.

Tight Ends:  Tony and Jermaine, Blowin' Your Brain
1.  Tony Moeaki
On his resume this year:  One of the best catches in recent memory, Two touchdowns,  Three catches in his rookie debut, Four reception average.  Not sure if he's good enough for your team?  Look at this catch:
I agree with the little kid in this video.  "That was tight."
2.  Jermaine Gresham
He was talked about a lot in preseason, and didn't disappoint in his debut, hauling in 6 catches and a touchdown.  So far that's been his only double digit fantasy week.  After three weeks of mediocrity, Gresham scored again last week.  With Carson Palmer throwing so many terrible interceptions, Ocho underachieving, and defenses focusing in on T.O, you can expect an increase in targets for the rookie.

Just pick one, fool.  If Gary Anderson could play in the NFL, they're all worthy of your team.
Haha...he looked like a retired school teacher.

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