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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Ode to Michael

An Ode to Michael

Boras doth ponder, so heareth his call,
"Who is the greatest Michael of all?"

Is it Jordan?

Or Jackson?

One not terribly tall?

Or the man they call Dexter, Michael C. Hall?

Such wonderful company, a great class for the name,
But if one of these you've chosen, you're fucking lame.
There is no doubt.
No thought is required.
An athlete this's about,
And one not yet retired.

This Michael can pass.
This Michael can run.
They said he had no class.
They said his career was done.

Like a Phoenix he's Risen,
From the ashes of Prison.
And he's on a Mission,
To keep his starting Position.

No more killing puppies,
He swore.
He used to drown them like guppies,
No more.

He served his sentence, 
But he's back on the attack.
Now he's boosting attendance,
Michael Vick is back.


  1. If you're gonna lose... lose with style. That's my motto.

  2. the difference in our game was higher than andy's score...ouch

  3. this is brilliant. e-mail this to Matthew Barry.